Idulfitri 2019, Momen Terbaik Beriklan Dongkrak Penjualan


Timing is very crucial when talking about promotions. Timing will determine the success or failure of a promotional activity. Advertising themes associated with the moment that are happening are proven to be able to boost sales figures. That is why advertisers are required to always be keen to read the situation.


Ramadan and Idulfitri: The Right Moment to Advertise
Referring to the opportunities above, May and June are very appropriate months for large-scale promotions. Yes, what else if not for Ramadan and Eid? During the fasting month (especially before the feast) people usually start crowded to public places, not to mention the airport for homecoming.


Well, you can take advantage of this golden opportunity to advertise at the airport. This method has proven to be very effective in building brand-awareness of a product or service, because the opportunity for adverts to be seen by the audience is certain to be very high.


Another advantage, you can more freely determine the strategic corners for advertising, for example in the waiting room, entrance and exit, departure terminals, registration counters , to the shuttle bus.


In addition, the airport advertisement ahead of Lebaran is the promotional media with the longest life span, namely during the month of Ramadan until the reverse flow is complete.


Digital i-Screen Ad Lotte at Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Digital i-Screen Ad Lotte at Soekarno-Hatta Airport


The Best Media for Advertising at the Airport
There are quite a number of types of advertising media that are suitable to be installed at airports, for example billboards, videos, transit ads, display ads, to digital i-screens. Display type or digital i-screen advertisements, for example, are more suitable to be installed in inner spaces of airports. While transit ads are very fitting to be installed on the shuttle bus.


Whatever media you choose, make sure you adapt it to the moments and trends that are in – in this case Ramadan and Idulfitri. This trick is a must try if you expect high sales conversions.


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