Iklan Billboard (OOH) di Palembang

Why did TPM choose Palembang as one of the OOH ad locations?


Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia, which has existed since 688 AD. As the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan, this city has a variety of unique traditional arts and cultures, special foods that are very tasty and varied, various types of specific crafts such as songket weaving and jumputan which are famous as its main characteristics. In addition, Palembang also has tourist attractions such as the Musi River as the longest river in Indonesia, so that the city of Palembang is dubbed “The Venice of East”, then the Ampera Bridge, Kuto Besak Fortress, Indonesia’s largest city park (Ki Park), Park Giant Al-Qur’an, Kemaro Island Temple and other attractions.



Palembang has won the Adipura Cup for 9 times in a row. Adipura Cup is a form of appreciation for cities in Indonesia that have managed to maintain cleanliness and management of the urban environment. Palembang is the cleanest city and also received an award as “Environmentally Sustainable City” twice, which means that Palembang has the best sustainable environment in ASEAN.


In addition, infrastructure development is quite rapid, such as the construction of LRT mass transportation, the Tanjung Api Api Circuit, the Jakabaring Sport Complex Stadium, the largest in Indonesia, and adequate supporting infrastructure, Palembang is considered to be very suitable to be appointed as the host of the Asia Games. will take place this year.

Therefore, The Perfect Media chose SMB II Palembang Airport as one of the selected cities for business development in the field of airport OOH advertising , after Soekarno Hatta Jakarta & Kualanamu Medan, where the city has the potential for air passenger traffic which is quite high and dense intensity so that promoting the brand at SMB II Airport is very well targeted in its market share.


For advertising service needs at Palembang International Airport SMB II, contact The Perfect Media, your trusted advertising media provider! Here are some examples of our very strategic ad locations in the arrival and departure area of ​​SMB II Palembang International Airport for your reference.