Enam Indikator Keberhasilan Jakarta Sebagai Smart City


Jakarta not only acts as the capital of the country, but also as the center of government, the center of economic activity, the center of trade, the center of banking and financial services, and as the main gateway for foreign tourists. Like other cities abroad, Jakarta does not want to be left behind to deliver public services through the use of technology or commonly referred to as Smart City.


At the end of 2014, the DKI Jakarta government officially launched the Jakarta Smart City program. In its execution, Jakarta Smart City has 6 indicators of success, namely:


  • Smart Governance


The main key to successful governance is good
governance. Where the paradigm, system and process of
governance and development heed the principles of the rule of law, humanity, justice, democracy, participation, transparency, professionalism, and accountability.


  • Smart Economy


The increasing number of business actors has resulted in increasingly fierce market competition. So that new innovations need to be created to maintain the business existence of these businesses.


  • Smart People


Development always requires economic capital, human capital and social capital. Easy access to capital and training for MSMEs can improve their abilities and skills in developing their businesses.


  • Smart Mobility


Infrastructure development is realized through strengthening the
urban infrastructure planning system , developing river flow, developing the transportation system, developing settlements, and increasing the consistency of controlling infrastructure development.


  • Smart Environment


An environment that can provide comfort, sustainability of resources, physical beauty and non-physical, visual or not for the community.


  • Smart Living


Creating a healthy and livable city, both in terms of the quality of city development and the quality of society such as education, culture, and social interaction.


Hitachi ad at Gatot Subroto Highway, Jakarta
Hitachi ad at Gatot Subroto Highway, Jakarta


Advertisements of Mount Elisabeth at T2D Soekarno Hatta Airport
Advertisements of Mount Elisabeth at T2D Soekarno Hatta Airport


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