Jenis-Jenis dan Ukuran Billboard

Billboard Type and Billboard Size are two important things that must be determined by business people who want to use this advertising service. Currently, placing advertisements using billboards is indeed becoming a trend in the community, especially business people. Certainly not without reason. Cost savings to a wide range of consumers is the strongest reason. How come? Large poster shape and placed high in strategic places will certainly be more effective to attract the attention of consumers than placing advertisements in newspapers, even though the television.


At the time of advertising billboard rental services, there are a number of things to consider, including the type of billboard based on its shape (horizontal or vertical), lamp fittings, surface area, to the size of the billboard itself. Surely all that will ultimately lead to a budget that must be spent. The more complete and bigger a selected billboard ad, especially placed in a very strategic place, certainly the more expensive the price that must be offered. Vice versa. Therefore, consider carefully all things related to the type of billboard. The following is more detailed information about the types of billboards, both based on size and surface area.


Types- Type Billboard Based on Shape and Size

Broadly speaking, seen from its shape, billboard types can be divided into two, namely horizontal and vertical. Meanwhile, when viewed from its size, billboards can be distinguished as follows:


  1. 20 meters x 10 meters (horizontal)
  2. 18 meters x 6 meters (horizontal)
  3. 12 meters x 6 meters (horizontal)
  4. 10 meters x 5 meters (horizontal and vertical)
  5. 4 meters x 8 meters (horizontal and vertical)
  6. 4 meters x 2 meters (horizontal and vertical)


And, of all the billboard sizes above, the most used by the public are billboards with a size of 10 meters x 5 meters, both horizontal and vertical. For some people, this is the most ideal measure to grab the attention of consumers and the costs are quite affordable.


Types- Type Billboard Based Surface Field and accessories

Billboards can also be distinguished based on the surface area and accessories used. There are two types of billboards based on the surface area, which uses one side or two sides. Meanwhile, when viewed from the accessories, there are billboards that are accompanied by floodlights or neon, some are not. Likewise with the use of visuals, there are billboards that use visual digital printing, cutting stickers, or spray printing. For the pole also varies, single, double, or even triple pole, depending on the size of the billboard and the average wind speed at the location where the billboard will be placed. In essence, it is not only the size of the billboard that must be considered when you want to choose this advertising service.


If you are having trouble deciding which billboard size is right for your business, please contact us. Perfect Media Outdoor will be happy to provide information in accordance with what you need.