Kemeriahan Perayaan Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia

Longevity Republic of Indonesia!


Welcoming the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day, As a form of celebration usually the community will work together to decorate their dwellings with various ornaments that are characterized by nationality and ignite the spirit of nationalism




Usually there will also be many funny and unique contests held in various locations ranging from schools, agencies, offices, housing complexes and so on, where the spirit of teamwork and cohesiveness is very much in the fore, this competition is held as a form of expression of excitement and aims to strengthen the spirit of the unity of the Indonesian people, this tradition has been carried out since the 50s and became a kind of mandatory annual activities in all corners of Indonesia. Hopefully this tradition of togetherness will be maintained




So, which one is your favorite race game ??? 😀😁🇮🇩️



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