5 Aspek Yang Harus Diperhatikan Saat Bekerjasama Dengan Outdoor Media Indonesia

Outdoor media Indonesia, including advertising facilities that are able to make corporate promotional activities more targeted. When using the services of an outdoor advertising company , there are many benefits to be gained, including:


  • The range of advertisements is wider, so are the number of consumers who will see more ads. Thus, market share can increase.
  • The allocation of costs used for outdoor advertising is easier to calculate and if necessary savings can be made, if the ads posted are deemed not optimal.
  • Advertise locations are generally strategic and can be tailored to client needs.
  • The design used for outdoor advertising can be used in the long run. If a design change is needed, the change is easier to do.
  • Durable and able to build a brand for client companies.


With the various benefits above, it would be better if you pay attention to the following aspects before actually utilizing outdoor advertising.

Today’s advertising models for outdoor media can be found in various forms, such as:


  • Frontlight billboards
    This one type of billboard generally has a large size display and helps build the brand of its user company. For installation, the frontlight billboard type is often installed in front of the crossing bridge area or the toll road entrance. Thus, at night, many consumers can still clearly see the advertisements posted on billboards.
  • Backlight billboards This
    type of billboard is slightly different from the frontlight billboard when viewed in terms of lighting. This type of billboard is generally installed in a more shady area and is safe from strong wind pressure, because the light used is installed inside the billboard. In terms of price, this type of billboard can also be more expensive especially when installed in a very strategic area.
  • Videotron or LED display This
    type of outdoor advertising uses LED media with a very large size. Generally the video that is inserted into it has a maximum duration of 1 minute with a variety of info in it. Laying videotron media is also generally very strategic so that the market share that can be reached is quite high.


Length of posting
When talking about advertisements entrusted to outdoor media in Indonesia, you must begin to take into account the required length of outdoor advertising. The longer the tide time, generally the price will be more expensive, that’s why, you need to make an agreement on the length of the time to install outdoor advertising so that the swelling costs that may occur due to installation can be avoided.


Location of the tide
When you want to work with providers of outdoor advertising services, ask in advance the location of the tide that is commonly used by the service company concerned and the level of crowd of each area. Knowledge of the level of the crowd, will indirectly give you an idea of ​​the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. If it is deemed ineffective, you can try to discuss changing locations or not continuing the agreement to use billboard advertisements or outdoor advertisements.


Service fees
During the outdoor advertising process, you need to know the total service costs needed for outdoor advertising and estimate the additional costs that may arise. Additional costs may arise if the installation process exits the agreed deadline or due to other problems. Thus, your company will not suffer any losses during outdoor advertising. By paying attention to some of the above, hopefully you can work together with quality Indonesian outdoor media companies.