branding serentak di Bandara Soetta

With the advancement of technology, buying tickets and arranging business and travel itineraries are no longer difficult, there are many applications that can help us to find transportation and accommodation tickets even in urgent times we can find on our own, by certainly using the e-application application commerce that is widely available today.


E-commerce is Electronic Commerce is a collection of technologies, applications, and businesses that connect companies or individuals as consumers to conduct electronic transactions, exchange goods, and exchange information through the internet or television, the web, or other computer networks, and e-commerce brands in Indonesia has aired a lot like,,, Boost by Axiata, Deal Medan / Deal Java and others.


PEGIPEGI.COM’s e-commerce target market is business people, local and international tourists and all upper middle class people who often depart by plane out of town or abroad. Where is their target market usually located? Of course at the airport! Now this is an added value to market e-commerce services to increase brand awareness and sales of e-ticket / e-voucher accommodation that they offer.


PEGIPEGI.COM has taken very appropriate steps to display the concept and content of unique and simultaneous advertising in T2D, T1A and T1C for repeat and mass effects such as one of their advertisement examples in the T1A – T1C Soekarno Hatta Domestic advertising by combining neonbox ads Conventional static with LED screens that move and sound, so that the ads that are displayed become more unique and attractive to the eyes of the passengers who arrive and wait for their luggage on the conveyor belt.


Repetitive alias ads repeat like this:


Wow, very interesting right? Do you want famous brand products and increased sales? Let’s post an ad at the Airport to Perfect Media!