Pilih-Pilih Harga Sewa Billboard Jakarta yang Kompetitif


How to choose the price of a Jakarta billboard rental that fits the budget
Look for billboard installation services in Jakarta that provide affordable prices for installation and professionals in the process


Billboard Jakarta Rental Prices are quite varied. Between one billboard company and another it may be set a different rental price. What affects the high and low rents? In this case there are many factors.


Determination of Competitive Jakarta Billboard Rental Prices

As for you need to know, high rental rates are not necessarily expensive. This is only if you get quality that is proportional to the amount of costs that must be paid. There is a price of goods with the condition that the rental price must be competitive. Here the standard applies to assess whether the rental price of billboard ads is competitive, including:


  • Production and Construction Quality

The rental price you must pay must be proportional to the quality of production and construction. Where it’s no secret, the higher the level of production and construction, the higher the rental price. This is quite realistic.

For the quality of production there are several choices which in this case can be adjusted to the needs and available budget. For billboards, for example, a professional billboard company usually has many choices for clients. Such as banners, neon boxes, road signs, sign boards, show cases, and many more with varying quality.


  • Includes Installation and Licensing Service Fees

Jakarta billboard rental prices include several things. So it is not enough to rent a billboard. To install a billboard for example as a client you are usually also subject to installation and licensing fees. Related to the licensing itself, there is a billboard tax that must be paid so that the installation of billboards does not cause problems later on.


Billboard tax is determined based on local regulations. Because of this regulation, advertisement tax between cities can be different from advertisement tax in other cities. The amount of tax is also different for different types of classes. There are separate provisions regarding how to calculate this advertisement tax. For those of you who don’t want to bother, you can ask for help from a billboard company. If you use the services of a billboard company, then usually the tax is included in the rental fee, the amount of which is written in the rental contract.


  • Neat Installation Results

Of course it would not hurt if for high rental fees you can get the results of a neat installation. Because satisfying service quality deserves to be paid handsomely. The neat installation results you can get from an experienced billboard company. Namely billboard companies that have a number of techniques in installation. So that it gives slick work results so that the billboard gives results as expected.


Regarding the installation itself you can choose the installation of accessories. For example lights as lighting at night. To get these accessories billboard companies often install additional rates.


Those are some things that you can consider in assessing the suitability of billboard rental prices. Keep in mind prices are a relatively relative topic. Cheap doesn’t always mean cheap, and expensive doesn’t always mean good. Therefore, make sure the price of Jakarta billboard rental is competitive.