Transit Advertising, Media Iklan yang Unik dan Efektif


At the 2018 Asian Games last year, Canon performed a very interesting branding by placing large-looking advertisements and looking very exclusive on the outside sides of Jakarta Minitrans. That way, their advertisements or branding can be seen by many people around Jakarta because they are ‘carried away’ by Minitrans operating in the capital. In addition, you certainly also know that Indonesia now has one of the most modern means of transportation, the MRT (Moda Raya Integrated) Jakarta. One of the interesting things is the use of the outside of the MRT as an advertising medium by the brand sponsor “Le Minerale”.


The use of advertising media like this is commonly referred to as transit advertising. Transit advertising is one type of outdoor advertising installed on various public transportation and in the surrounding places. These advertisements can be placed on the side of buses, trains, and also taxis. It can also be in places such as bus stations, train stations, and aircraft field areas at airports.


The advantage of transit advertising is the high level of visibility of many audiences viewing advertisements. Transit advertising cannot be replaced like advertisements on television and radvertisingio if you do not like these advertisements. Transit advertising is also able to target a large audience at a time. However, in advertising you still have to consider the demographic goals of the ads that will be installed. Studying demographic goals will help you achieve the maximum success of installed ads.


If you target workers who depart daily using public transportation, then transit advertising is suitable to be placed on buses and trains. If you target tourists or business travelers visiting an area, then transit advertising is suitable to be placed around train stations, bus stations, and even buses used for transit flights at airports.


Example of Transit Advertising on the inside of Busway (Source:
Example of Transit Advertising on the inside of Busway (Source:



Why Choose Transit Advertising?

The use of transit advertising is not only suitable for targeting people who use large public transportation such as planes, buses and long-distance trains. Many large urban communities prefer to use public transportation such as buses and trains to go to their workplaces every day. Besides getting the benefits of transportation, public transportation passengers usually have more opportunities such as being able to study on the bus, relax, read a book, or gather ideas that will be used when they are on the move. In fact, the average passenger can spend an average of 30 minutes on public transportation. It is really a very good opportunity if it can be used by advertisers, because the potential for ad serving is very high for the passengers / audience.


However, what if the target market is an upper middle class audience?


Don’t they prefer to use private vehicles in their daily activities?


In fact, when you install transit advertising in public transportation vehicles such as buses and trains, it is very likely that you will find it difficult to grab the attention of an upper middle class audience. What’s the solution? Relax, you can still choose transit advertising as the right advertising media. Transit advertising can be installed on the sides of the bus, so that every driver passing by or passing each other can see the ads that you display. Thus, it is not only the drivers or middle and upper class audience that you can get, but also the public or general audience around there.


That’s a glimpse of transit advertising and the advantages of using it as a unique and creative advertising media. Hopefully this article is useful and if you want to consult about effective and targeted outdoor advertising, please contact us directly, The Perfect Media to email: