Unilever Ramadhan Branding di Bandara Soetta, Jakarta Airport

Unilever is one of the largest Indonesian consumer companies and is embedded in the hearts of Indonesian people. This Dutch brand is increasingly advancing with a variety of products and a series of massive and appropriate marketing strategies.


During the recent Ramadhan period, many traditional media and OOH were used by Unilever to stay close to the community. And one of them is media advertising in the airport. The right moment for Unilever to use the media at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta Airport, with the increasing number of air transportation service users during Lebaran, by carrying out the concept of 1001 inspiration of Ramadan.


Unilever intends to educate the public when going home and back and forth in the yard still looks fresh and beautiful, and vice versa.


Unilever is the right place to choose the location with the right brand because people can easily see it massively, among them:


  • Terminal 2 F – Departure

This area is the main point of Unilever to provide awareness when homecomers return home, very strategic and hit for domestic targets, because this is the gateway for Air Asia, Sriwijaya and Nam Air flights.


  • Arrival of T2F – Baggage Claims

When the homecomers finish the Eid and return to Jakarta, Unilever still gives the impression and the message for the homecomers must still look fresh when traveling. This area is the right area, when travelers are tired after landing and waiting for their luggage.


  • Arrival of T1 – Boarding Lounge


  • Arrival T1 – Baggage Claims.


This area is also very appropriate considering terminal 1 is almost 100% domestic aviators, the airlines used are Lion Air and Citylink. This brand represents for mothers and children to remain beautiful and fresh.


  • Arrival of T1 – Curb Side

The right moment for Unilever to do airport advertising at the Indonesian airport, during Lebaran. Because they want to educate the public while going back and forth and arriving in the yard, they still look fresh and beautiful. Because the trip back and forth must be very tiring.


On special days and when you return to Jakarta, you certainly want to look beautiful and charming for your family and relatives.